Friday, 19 March 2010

For them all, who didnt come back after that day

Can you forgive me this once more
I blew up big this time
promised you i'd be home
I stand guilty for someone else's crime

I have stashed your diary in the bottom drawer
sorry about that, now you know where it is
You write amazingly, by the way
and yeah, i loved it

Jimmy, your hair is NOT girly!
And yeah, daddy did put up a fight
a big one, like when Batman fought two-face
But the Bat's luckier than me
than again, maybe not - he aint got you

Julie, julie, my little julie
Your toothless smile is the most beautiful, amazing thing in the world
I wish, from the very pits of my heart,
that i could have told you that myself

But you already know that
Daddy is clever, he could always see it in your eyes:
Ah, that knowing look....
Daddy's girl is the best in the world

My love...there's nothing i can tell you that you dont already know
I love that photo of yours with the long, plaited hair on either side
I carry it with me all the time
It's a pity there was only one copy

But then look at it this way:
I have the rooted knowledge of your love, now for all eternity
I have all the memories
and they have you
And you have me

Ofcourse, that doesnt mean i was content to leave
Not in the least, never
I was where i belonged
Now i have changed my address
and i hope and pray you all dont move in with me before the place is ready!
kinda empty, need's working on...
it's ok, im working on it...

i know i will see you
so i wont say 'see you'
and you know this is not goodbye
or good night
this is just me trying to say i'm sorry
and that im grateful for you and for jimmy and julie
and that i love you all
always and forver