Wednesday, 11 August 2010


when the literal is too less
and the figurative is too much


(It's the most ironical of things

That fear should bring with it bad memories

After the memories have stopped bringing fear


It's difficult to draw the line

Between what affects the body and what affects the mind

And how anything can trigger it sometimes)


Welcome, to the Show:

My cast is rather familiar, I must say

Today, they will perform for me

The story of the City

We start with the present

Enter the Sea

Such force, such fury

Forever falling against the banks of the city

Forever dancing, calm or otherwise

Forever restrained like it's meant to be

Today the Sea breaks onto the land

And not a structure that still stands


I crash against you for the little crack

For the summers of calm and lack

Of activity, the nights of restless ponder

And the time I didn't know

I could be free but freedom can be painful

And sometimes restrain over the unrestrained

Is an illusion worth holding on to


The curtains close and open

The second Act

Time for some flashback

And estranged twins sweep onto the stage

Make way for the Winter Cold and the live Fire

Both a part of mirth and mire

Fire always burned bright in the heart of the City

And so made the lovely, lonely Winter less cold

And the Winter rejoiced

For this balance is the manifestation of sanctity

And pure good will and nature

But every once in a while

A harsh wind winds its way around the town

Creeps over shoulders

And smothers hope

Puts all goodwill down


For all my light, I couldn't foresee This

And when I could, I was reduced to glowering embers

I let the cold slip past my vigil

These things happen, what could I have done

But I still live in your heart; I am your own personal Sun


For all my Frost and Cold, I am but nature

True and Old

I wish my creations were less harsh

I wish peace and bliss could last

A little longer than that

But now your warm heart is a hot inferno

And my cold will only be a cool memory

Tempered in fire and in ice

You are the free wind in the skies


And so the Act comes to an end

The characters, they bow and leave

But are soon replaced by the last entrant

Watch the Wind

As it whips you back into the present

And tries to breeze past issues that have lost words


I know you don't see me

I know you believe in me

I know you bless me for my presence

And I know you curse me too

For the mad haste I display now and then

But I carry your whispers and cries all over the world

And when I whisper, you strain to hear the echo of your words

I am driven by your Joy in being a part of me

And so I sail over the seas, I play with the snowflakes

And so I kindle the flames, I settle over your place

I sigh when you breathe, I huff when you leave

I change my direction to join your fleet

I fly over the moon in a single beat

Now I rest in the trees, amongst the leaves

They catch me when I free fall

The leaves will fall

And I will blow myself away

But every time we meet

We make music worth the stay


And that is that, thank you very much

The Show goes on, like they say

Curtain Call – but the stage is bare

My cast has left to perform elsewhere