Thursday, 11 June 2009

One wish

There are times in a person's life when they wish desperately for a
miracle, some divine intervention that could swoop down on them and
set everything right within a second.
Or they could think one wish: if only just this one thing could be set
right for this one person...if only they could have that happiness,
that essential peace of'd do anything for that...

Sunday, 7 June 2009

trying to be regular

the whole point of blogging and diaries misses me by about 180 degrees....i am just not regular. but i am going to try being so this time.
i know it's not easy to get people interested in what you write. but i am trying to get there, at snail pace.
if anyone is reading this, then please help me by telling me how i can write better (though i hardly have started writing anything substantial yet) and what i can post that will be nice to read, usefull, etc.
it is, after all, just a weird attempt at a public diary...and i am a very private person. which means even if no one is reading this, simply writing as if i am talking to someone makes me feel really good.
i think people should try that. most of the people i know wont be bothered to pen down anything...writing is for nerds they say. or geeks...or poets and great people....utter nonsense if you ask's as simple as just putting down whatever you're thinking. atleast, that's how you start...and before you know it, your realise you have stories to tell, mystieries to unravel, secrets to share...
and there aint no better listener than a diary, whether one in hardbound paper or one on the computer. even my cell phone works for me...i type stuff into the calender, save random stuff in drafts....yeah, writing can get obsessive, and like other addictive things, it can give you the high you're looking for...
but who would'nt want pain, no sickness or ill-health, no physical or mental damage...only positive things to be gained, if you ask me...

Saturday, 6 June 2009

opening words or whatever

I had this sudden weird thing in my head ( apart from the other weird things) that if i am able to help even one person, in a good way, then there is till something worth saving.
so this blog is for all kinds of odds and ends, tips, quotes, (maybe even first aid bits), other info, anything...and yeah, also my untiring rantings.
it's a diary in its essential sense, but one i would want others to read.

about can check it in google for those who dont know. it's from the anime inuyasha. tenseiga is a sword that heals people, brings the recently dead back to life. kind of ironic and very out of character for a sword.