Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 Thoughts

Okay. This is it - another new year.
New calenders, new diaries, new clothes, new toothbrush, a jacket for the cold, new socks (my first pair in years), new 'resolutions' - old place, old college, old friends, old hand-writing, same old feelings.

I guess the only difference, probably the most significant one, is that now there is new resolve.
I still am addicted to tea.
I got my guitar from Hyderabad - God, my fingers have rusted and If I can't do the F chord smoothly enough before Feb ending (that's giving me a LONG time), I shall pluck the strings off and strangle myself with them!
Meanwhile, I can play familiar old tunes, all thanks to the net...

1. You can be angry and be a laughing, joking person. One does not have to come at the cost of the other
2. The stories will not write themselves and it's okay for stories to exist without known beginnings or endings. As long as the heart of the matter is there, the body will build around it...sooner if you get the basics down on paper (or on MS Word...)
3. Tackle the Stairs
4. Resolution No. 1
5. Resolution No. 2
6. Bring my baby home - how?? Step 1: Start searching for Kennels....
7. Live up to the reputation - work hard this time
8. Don't be weak that's the list, more or less. I'm not writing Resolutions 1 and 2 here.
In fact, I should print this out and stick it on my wall.

Mostly Positive
Happy New Year - it's 2011!!