Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Touched by your life

I was kissed by a dream

I glimpse you know

Your memory moulds my life-stream


An upturn of your lips

My world's downright nice

Just to watch you sleep

I'd stay up all night


Do you know

The sunshine glow

In my heart

When you're close?

Just close my eyes

And let go, everything goes

Everything comes around to you


I'm kissed by a dream

I'm kissed by your dream

I'm awake in all my dreams because of you


On the banks of this river

Are two different views

But the water's a life giver

We'll meet very soon


I have known the peace of love

And the tumult too

They complete each other

Like the sun and the moon

And in their collected beam

I hold hands with you

I'm kissed by a dream

And so are you…


Aditya Akash said...


Rohini said...

I agree with him. Can't think of another word but Beautiful!

TeNsEiGa To Me said...

WOW - thx Adi, Rohini!
i dont generally write stuff like this but well, if u guys like it!!
thx, seriously, 4 commenting :P :D

dev b said...

wow...thts the 1st thot tht came into my head neway! :P

TeNsEiGa To Me said...

@Dev - thx man!!
(it's a bit too mushy for me right now, but i had written it quite srsly, lol!)