Saturday, 30 January 2010

Bulleted Body

Never asked for it. Never, not once.
Never wished it were so...never hoped for, never felt that there was something less, something missing.
Never wanted more...

Then you, oh God, chose to turn never wanted, never wished for, non-existent wishes into reality.
Grant me what i never knew i lacked, i never felt i didn't have.

There you messed up...didn't do a neat job of it...only succeeded in making me anti.

Only succeeded in making me acutely aware of what i don't have, what i will never have...and making me feel guilty that i should even be thinking of having any more...when you already gave me so much to begin with.

A fine circus it is now, my head. Funny that you the external source for turmoil should also reside within my internal workings....and they call you God....
Sadly or Happily, i do too....

"It's like a heart you never had and so didn't really feel anything.
But once it is created, then you start hoping. You wait and you wait for it to fill up.
But it doesn't and it's emptiness weighs you down."

Of all the things we ask to know about, i wish i never knew...

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