Monday, 15 February 2010

Dew beneath our feet

I can see all of you in front of me. You seem normal.
Nothing out of the place, no sword hanging in the air above your heads.
You look fine, bold and italics, if it makes the point any clearer or stronger.

And i know i look exactly like that too.
But i am not.
So then, are you???

Do you look on the outside the way i know i do? On the inside, are you also riddled cheese, wobbly jelly and hard diamonds all mixed up?

No visible sword hanging over your head or mine.
Ah, the battles invisible issues fight on non-existant planes...
But, not to get distracted, are you then as deep in soup as me?
Are you dancing on a hot pan, trying to not move while doing so??

Do you feel wronged? Is life weird to you too?
But kind at the same time, giving you the essential love you thrive upon?
Do you wish you could close your eyes and just be sometimes?
Do you find peace when everyone's talking around you and you're just listening, glad you're able to do so - glad you're a part of the whole without having to say anything?

When you're walking in a group, do you stop without anyone noticing and stare up at the night sky, happy the stars are out?
Sometimes when something very happy happens to someone, do you want to burst into tears?
Do you smile suddenly because you recall that you're best friend had french fries at 3 in the morning or because the porche that just breezed past you looked like a bug with big eyes??

Do you like chocolate??
Hot tea or coffee when it's raining outside?
Arent you totally in love with this guy with the lopsided smile?
Didn't you cry in the shower that other day?

There is no visible sword hanging over your head. No visible freshly watered lawn on which you are walking. But i know you felt the dew under your feet because i felt it too.


Rohini said...

Writing about humanity or a lover?

TeNsEiGa To Me said...

Hey, thx 4 commenting! - im talking about general humanity here. i seldom do lover stuff :P