Thursday, 15 August 2013

I am colour and I do not taint

I do not taint or corrode.
I assimilate and expand endlessly, like the very universe we inhabit.
I have an identity that is plural, uniquely Indian and universally recognizable

I am not defined by any one element, no matter how big or small a part of me it forms. I cannot be defined by time or age or singular histories handed down through unbroken lineages of culture and tradition. If I have changed, if I have been blended in world culture, then that change is me; that culture is me.

The insensitivity and illogic of my past are not immune to the winds of new thought that blow from all the corners of the earth. In the midst of these storms, my traditions and cultures are not weakened or sullied. The voice that calls me freedom to choose, the voice that says I should not be painted by just anybody and everybody who wields brushes, the voice that shrugs to say anything is okay, any one set of these voices do not define me. They all do; collectively.

In the wake of countless opinions, I am not the right or wrong one. I am the freedom that enables all those countless opinions. I am the collage of countless ideologies that clash against each other, merge, wind and wrap around the waking spirit of my people.

I am light and every single colour makes me India.                             
I am colour and I do not taint.

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Ayesha said...

I love the last line. I was wondering where it would lead up to. And I loved how it ended :)